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Honiton Branch Meetings 2016

2nd March - Honiton Methodist Church
Julie Dent, Chairperson of the new Mutual Libraries Unlimited was the guest speaker and gave members an update on the progress on the new Honiton Mutual Library which will take over responsibility for the library on the 1st April 2016

25th February - Honiton Methodist Church
Ros Cummings, Trading Standards Officer from Devon and Somerset talked about the kinds of current scams taking place on the phone, on the doorstep and increasingly over the internet. Members were happy to receive a booklet of approved Trading Standards Traders

Older Honiton Branch Meetings

Honiton Branch Meeting 30th April 2015
Honiton Senior Voice meeting on the future of the Library service
Honiton Senior Voice organised an open meeting on 30th April 2015 in Honiton Library on the future of libraries in Devon, with particular reference to the Honiton branch.The speakers were Roger Croad, Devon County Council member for Community and Environmental Services including responsibility for Libraries, and Liz Alexander, Honiton Library Operations Manager.The proposed new arrangements were explained to a good sized audience and the presentation was followed by a lively question and answer session. 

The changes will be as a result of financial cuts imposed on DCC.  There will still be core funding from DCC for at least the next five years.   The amount of that funding is known for the next three years.   The running costs of the branch will be sought from such organisations as the Arts Council and the Lottery. 

The system was described as ‘a mutual’ covering the whole of Devon.
All existing staff will be retained on their current terms and conditions. 
It is planned that the new system should be in place by 1/4/2016.Cllr. Roger Croad said that if anyone would like to make any comments his email address is


Honiton Open Meeting - 25th June 2015 at 2pm at the Methodist Church

 Honiton Devon Senior Voice Annual General Meeting 2015 TBC 24th September 2015

Honiton AGM 2013 to be held on Wednesday 9th October at 10.30am in the Methodist Church Hall, Chapel Street, Honiton EX14 1EU.  Contact Carol Smythe on 01404 548418 or email

Honiton branch secretary Tony Simpson, following his journey to Westminster to lobby Tiverton & Honiton MP Neil Parrish concerning pensions, was himself the main speaker on the same subject at an 'Open' meeting in the Royal British Legion on Monday November 22.  

He will talk on a delegation from National Pensioners Convention - Honiton members attended - and will show photographs of their parade outside Parliament.  Mr Simpson's talk under the title "Spending Cuts and Your Pension - what history tells us" will begin with a serious tone following recent promises that the state pension will rise to £140-a-week over the next five years.  He will then switch to a lighter side on the history of pensions from the Workhouse to Lloyd George and from Beveridge to Duncan Smith.  Members and visitors will even be shown actual coins and notes paid out in those distant days.

Chairman Tony Smith,  having attempted but failed to get Cllr John Hart, the Leader of Devon County Council, to add Honiton to his 'Spending Cuts' tour of the county later tried to get another member of the DCC cabinet to come to the November 22nd meeting.  Yet again the reply was negative with the nearest being an apology to our chairman from Cllr Hart saying he couldn't cover every town in Devon but planned to visit Honiton next year.  Our Senior committee members view was spelt out in the local Midweek Herald under the headline - Is Honiton Being Ignored?

Hopefully flyers to all 120 member and posters around the town will bring in a good attendance with another local issue - planned introduction of parking metres along the High street - will have Rev Merfyn Temple seeking answers on whether the town's disabled men and women will be exempted to the East Devon District Council plan to allow 30 minutes free parking then an automatic charge of £1 to £2 for the next hour.

Tea/coffee will welcome everyone before the meeting, a Bring & Buy bookstall follows the meeting and then a British Legion Christmas Lunch is available.